Media Coverage

MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
04/28/2020 Phone Apps Tracking More People Out and About KCBS Radio
04/27/2020 Want Equitable Cities? We’ll Need More Women in Transportation Planning
04/20/2020 ISIS families held in Syrian camps face uncertain futures. Now, the coronavirus also looms. Jefferson Public Radio (JPR)
04/17/2020 Diridon: Good cars, bad cars San Jose Spotlight
04/13/2020 How will public transit survive the COVID-19 crisis? Daily Kos
04/07/2020 SJSU Emergency Management Expert Frannie Edwards Offers Webinar On COVID-19 Washington Square Magazine
04/04/2020 Coronavirus in the Bay Area: 10 before and after photos San Jose Mercury News
04/03/2020 California Electric Vehicle Growth Spurs Look at Mileage Fees Bloomberg Law
04/01/2020 How Will Public Transit Survive the COVID-19 Crisis? Capital & Main
03/31/2020 VTA wants to build world's biggest subway tunnel in downtown San Jose SF Gate
03/29/2020 BART’s San Jose extension is woefully delayed, and the hardest part is still to come San Jose Mercury News
03/27/2020 VTA light rail service halted; trainee tests positive for COVID-19 Fox KTVU2
03/26/2020 Florida’s move to pull in its welcome mat may draw court challenge Politico
03/25/2020 Sexual harassment on transit leads to less transit use, study finds Progressive Railroading
03/25/2020 Florida’s move to pull in its welcome mat may draw court challenge DNYUZ
03/04/2020 How many Americans die by jumping on train tracks each year? From UA News
02/28/2020 APTA Testifies Before Senate Banking Committee on Public Transit Priorities Passenger Transport Express
02/25/2020 Vehicle Ramming Incident at Carnival Association of American Railroads
02/24/2020 VTA Adopts Climate Emergency Declaration, Plans Youth Summit Passenger Transport
02/18/2020 Philbrick: Closing busy San Jose streets would provide major benefits San Jose Spotlight
02/18/2020 Vehicle Mileage Taxes Are Not Ready for Primetime Hawaii Free Press
02/11/2020 Santa Clara VTA declares climate emergency Progressive Railroading
02/07/2020 The Heat: Electric cars in 2020 America CGTN
01/31/2020 The Car-Free Revolution Comes to Market Street KCBS Radio