Investing in California’s Transportation Future: Public Opinion on Critical Needs

This research project will design and administer an online survey that asks a random sample of 3,500 Californians questions related to their thoughts on how the state can achieve the objectives of Senate Bill 1/Rebuilding California. The survey will be offered in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

The specific nature of the survey questions will be designed and finalized by the researchers. To ensure that the questions address topics of primary interest to transportation leaders in California, the researchers will consult with two representatives of the California Transportation Commission, Executive Director Susan Bransen and Vice Chair James Earp.

The survey will also ask standard socio-demographic questions, simple travel behavior questions, and home zip-code and city so that the responses can be analyzed by these factors. The researchers will present descriptive statistics and use difference-in-means testing to identify statistically significant differences between groups.

Detailed findings will inform policy-making within California at all levels of government.

Principal Investigator: 

Asha Weinstein Agrawal, Ph.D. & Hilary Nixon, Ph.D.

PI Contact Information: 


June 2018 to January 2019

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