Research and Development of Alternative Parking Technology in conjunction with Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Control around Park & Rides

This research includes a comprehensive review of the automated parking technologies, with a special emphasis on how these technologies relate to California’s mixed mode transportation initiatives and the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) projects. We will investigate how to scale up the existing mechanical robotic automated parking technologies so that they meet US specification requirements for weight, height, length and speed, and how to improve their effectiveness and usefulness in the US market place. Specifically we will determine how to enhance the existing technology that is currently utilized widely in Europe and Asia to the point that they meet the US safety and code standards. In future phases of the project, we will carry out detailed R&D, design, prototype fabrication, and finally testing, leading to validation and eventual USA certification. 

Our short term objective is to produce a miniature model that exhibits end to end operation, and our long term goal is a fully functional scaled-down parking facility. Of course all studies will be backed by and rooted in detailed financial analysis of costs as compared to the gained benefits and cost savings. Whereas the analyses will be for case studies within Long Beach and Los Angeles County, the technological enhancements will have a national scope. The key objective will be to demonstrate a proof of concept to CalTrans, City of Long Beach, City of Los Angeles, as well as other US municipalities and private enterprise. 

Principal Investigator: 

Forouzan Golshani, PhD

PI Contact Information:
California State University, Long Beach 

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