Public Health Performance Indicators & SB 1 Transportation Funding Programs

Goals/objectives: To help the staff and decision makers at the CTC, MPOs/COGs, and Caltrans identify, develop, and use practical, sensible, and accessible public health performance measures that can be used to guide transportation planning decisions.

Engage in a collaboration with above mentioned key stakeholders to synthesize understanding around public health indicators and transportation projects, make recommendations, and develop calculation methods and possibly a calculator tool.

Project Methods:

A key goal will be to identify public health indicators that can be readily available, are relevant to both public health and transportation projects, and can sensibly guide transportation policy. This work program will do several key things, as follows:

1. Create a Stakeholder’s Advisory Group in partnership with the CTC’s External Advisor, to be made up of representatives from major and minor MPOs/COGs, Caltrans, and other key stakeholders.

2. Document the CTC’s decision making process around transportation projects to identify where public health indicators can be best applied; Document the types of health related data that the key stakeholders (major and minor MPOs, Caltrans, the CTC) gather and work with already.

3. Document what additional data are needed, or need to be calculated, to create public health performance indicators that can effectively guide transportation policy decisions.

4. Document what other tools and models are out there that could be used to provide transportation relevant public health indicators.

5. Document how these data relate to public health and transportation projects, and how they can be used to guide policy decisions.

Principal Investigator: 
Bruce Appleyard
PI Contact Information:

San Diego State University

Impacts/Benefits of Implementation: 

Benefits to Californians/External Support for Project.

One of the key strengths helping us benefit Californians is that we have external support from the CTC, the sponsor and a key stakeholder in this project. This will help ensure that we will be speaking to the right people at the MPOs and Caltrans, and that our work will be relevant to the CTC decision processes. This partnership will be key to our success.

In addition, there are many benefits this project can provide to Californians, including the following:

1. By developing methods to use and calculate public health indicators, we can help the CTC and other key stakeholders make better transportation decisions for all Californians. This work can serve as a model to help Californians and the rest of the country achieve public health goals.

2. By looking at the qualitative and quantitative costs and benefits of different projects on public health, we can make more informed decisions about transportation projects and potentially save lives and lower health care costs for all Californians.

3. By formulating comprehensive policy strategies that, if implemented, could improve public health, we can further goals to encourage active travel, transit use, and the efficient use of transportation investments.

4. A primary goal of this project is to continue pursuing excellence in student scholarship by having this project feed into the graduate papers and theses. following SDSU and CPP’s Teacher – Scholar model.

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