Measuring Effectiveness of California's SB 1046 (Ignition Interlock Device): Developing an Evaluation Plan

The focus of this research is to design and develop an evaluation plan for California's SB1046 and its implementation of ignition interlock devices. The project will identify research questions to effectively evaluate SB1046, as well as the data that needs to be collected to answer the research questions. In addition, a proper evaluation data plan will be designed to reduce bias, together with a comprehensive analysis plan that assesses the effectiveness of the IID program in California.

San José State University
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Maria Chierichetti
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San José State University

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This research will provide the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) with an actionable, clear, and effective plan to evaluate the effectiveness of SB1046 in California, and the effects of ignition interlock devices in reducing traffic injuries and fatalities.

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