Fragmented or Aligned Climate Action: Assessing Linkages Between Regional and Local Planning Efforts to Meet Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets

The goal of this study is to systematically analyze the alignment between regional Sustainable Community Strategies (SCS) and local climate action plans (CAPs) and general plans (GPs). Specifically, our research will assess the extent to which transportation and land use strategies and targets in SCS are reflected in the relevant plans of local jurisdictions, and statistically estimate the impact of this alignment (or lack thereof) on VMT and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction.

San José State University
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Serena E. Alexander
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San José State University

Impacts/Benefits of Implementation: 

This research offers many benefits related to California’s climate challenge, including: 1) Helping regional and local agencies in California better align their climate actions to effectively reduce transportation emissions; 2) Providing California Air Resources Board (CARB) with crucial data about the alignment of regional Sustainable Climate Strategies (SCS) with local climate action plans (CAPs) and general plans (GPs); 3) Showcasing opportunities for effective VMT and GHG emissions reduction strategies using advanced visualization techniques; and 4) Developing course materials and community engagement projects with CARB to enhance student learning.

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