Enhancing Older Adults’ Mobility in Active Living and Tiered Living Communities

This project focuses on older adults' mobility, especially those living in active living and/or tiered communities. The research methods include a comprehensive review of existing governing development regulations and design criteria related to the senior communities and surveys of different people involved with some of these communities in California with a goal to recommend improvements to community design for active living and tiered living communities. Ultimately, this research will help California plan for substantial future increases in the senior population.

Principal Investigator: 
Yongping Zhang
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Cal Poly Pomona

Impacts/Benefits of Implementation: 

Dedicated to enhancing the design of active transportation networks in the older adult communities, this study is expected to benefit Californians in three ways:

• Allow planning and other relevant agencies to develop policies that improve the design of active transportation networks, which has enormous benefits for both the environment and public health.

• Yield better evaluation of the development regulations for active transportation in both active and tiered living communities.

• Lead to enhanced prioritization of projects dedicated to the promotion of active transportation of older adults.

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