Effective Lessons Plans in Transportation (ELPT) for California Schools

The project centers on developing a suite of standards-aligned, rigorous lesson plans for secondary school teachers centered on transportation issues. Each grade level will receive 3-4 lesson plans to cover a complete 2-week unit of study. Each grade level will address a specific major topic within the field of transportation. Examples of such topics will include the societal impact of autonomous vehicles, transportation safety, and traffic flow.  

The designers of this project believe that education on transportation issues from an early age can elevate awareness of these issues and boost interest in transportation careers. Each lesson plan will span at least one full classroom period; some will span multiple periods. Each lesson plan will be guided by a culminating activity and will include (a) the background knowledge that expected of students, (b) strategies for scaffolding students who do not possess this background knowledge, (c) the facts, skills, concepts, and metacognition address in the lesson plan, and (d) teaching methods likely to prove effective for delivering the lesson plan in the classroom. 

Principal Investigator: 

Douglas Singleton

PI Contact Information: 

California State University, Fresno

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