Developing a Feasible Business Model for Expanding the EV Market to Lower Income Californians

The ultimate objective of this research project is to develop a feasible business model for expanding the EV market to lower income Californians. The developed model would address existing barriers to both auto dealers as well as low income Californians. Different tasks, employing a multi-method approach, have been designed to achieve this objective. The methods include: An extensive review of current knowledge and experiences; Data collection via a quantitative statewide survey; Qualitative focus groups and in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholder groups, advocacy groups and experts; and A feasibility analysis and business model development. The research team believes that the result of this work will lead to the development of a feasible business model that will be beneficial for both auto dealerships and low income Californians. Expansion of the EV market to lower income households would lead to cleaner air, reduce speed/impacts of climate change, and decrease cost of energy. Accordingly, results of this work would be initially benefiting the private sector, low income Californians and all Californians. Yet, later expanding to other states, countries and possibly worldwide.

Principal Investigator: 
Aly Tawfik
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California State University, Fresno

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