Creating Safer Communities for Use of Active Transportation Modes in California: The Development of Effective Communication Message Strategy and Outreach for Vulnerable Road Users

The ultimate objective of this research project is to develop a model to showcase the differential effect of message framing on attitudes and intended behaviors related to pedestrian and cyclists traffic safety practices. Further, this research project will determine effective outreach strategies and communication channels for each segment of the vulnerable road users. This research will investigate, through experiment, survey, focus groups, and interviews whether and why various message and outreach strategies have different motivational, attitudinal, and behavioral effects on various vulnerable road user groups and subgroups.

This research contributes to creating safer communities and greater opportunities for use of active transportation modes (i.e., biking and walking) through inducing positive behavioral changes to enhance traffic safety via effective messaging. Results will inform and improve decision-making on transportation-related issues, namely traffic safety. The research team believes that California transportation authorities, professionals, and advocacy groups will be able to use the results of the proposed research to effectively allocate the communication effort and spending to induce attitudinal and behavioral changes that shall impact the safety of active transportation modes.

Principal Investigator: 
Samer Sarofim
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California State University, Fresno

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