Harmonizing Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Transportation and Land-Use Planning in California Cities

The goal of this project is to identify municipal transportation and land‐use (TLU) policies and programs that support both climate mitigation and climate adaptation goals—so called “integrated actions”—as well as to identify state actions that can support cities planning integrated actions to address climate change.

The proposed research will help California to choose transportation and land‐use projects, policies, and programs that serve two major goals: mitigating transportation greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and reducing vulnerability to climate change impacts. Because many of the communities most vulnerable to climate change impacts are low-income or minority, the study results will also support California’s objective to target transportation investments to disadvantaged communities.

The overarching question to be addressed by this study is: how can California maximize the opportunities for local governments to adopt TLU programs and policies that reduce transportation GHG emissions while simultaneously enhancing community resiliency to climate change impacts?

Principal Investigator: 

Serena Alexander, Ph.D.

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San José State University

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