Takayoshi (Taki) Oshima

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Chairman & CEO

Allied Telesis, Inc

Mr. Takayoshi Oshima is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Allied Telesis Holding K.K., and Chief Executive Officer of the Allied Telesis, Inc. Group. Mr. Oshima founded Allied Telesis in March 1987, and has served as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director since its inception.

Committed to driving profitable growth for the Allied Telesis Group and its key stakeholders, Mr. Oshima centered the Group’s global development around the philosophy of connecting the world seamlessly through the delivery of Internet Protocol (IP)/Ethernet-based triple-play voice, video and data services. Today, Allied Telesis remains the only company to provide true end-to-end IP-based equipment, services and support – yielding a stable source of long-term global revenue.

Mr. Oshima is responsible for growing the Allied Telesis Group into a prominent international network-products manufacturer and IP service provider. The Group, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2007, now includes 43 companies operating in 21 countries, with eight R&D facilities, multiple production centers and a series of sales, marketing and services divisions. The Group services more than 32,000 customers worldwide, with more than 700 active products.

Under his leadership, the Company became recognized for delivering the world's first IP triple-play deployment between Japan and the United States; enabling the cost-effective, real-time delivery of U.S. broadcast programs and IP-based phone calls to Japan.

Prior to assuming his founding role with Allied Telesis, Mr. Oshima held engineering, marketing and managerial positions with companies spearheading the growth of the high-technology industry over the past 30 years. These companies included: ITT Semiconductor, Fairchild Camera Instrument, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Ungermann-Bass.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Mr. Oshima holds a BSEE from the University of Florida.



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