Kyle Christina Holland

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Senior Director, Special Projects, TAP Technologies

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro)

Kyle Holland is a Senior Director for the TAP smartcard program at LA Metro where she oversees Customer Experience. The TAP Program supports 26 transit agencies and serves over 10 million people in LA County.  Kyle leads TAP’s regional customer education and marketing efforts and oversees the $64 M TAP vendor network, which is made up of over 500 large chain retailers and small businesses that sell TAP fare to the public.  Her unique combination of education, experience and interests have enabled her to lead the marketing and implementation of several major fare policy initiatives, including the elimination of Metro’s paper passes and tokens. 

Most recently, Kyle served on a team that brought the TAP mobile app to LA County, a first of its kind innovation in contactless fare payment.  Together with Apple and Cubic Transportation Systems, she led the go to market strategy for this Mobility As A Service (MaaS) enabled, full service mobile application. This implementation leverages TAP’s cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which facilitates equitable fare payment for both card based and account based multimodal transportation programs. Kyle continues to lead special projects that expand the capabilities of the TAP program and its contribution to MaaS.

Kyle graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a BA in Mass Communications and a BA in Sociology.  She also earned a Master’s in Communications Management from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism from the University of Southern California.  She also holds a Master’s in Transportation Management from the Mineta Institute for Transportation from San Jose State University.  Additionally, Kyle is a Fellow with the Southern California Leadership Network (SCLN) as well as with the Eno Center for Transportation.


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