MTI Newsletter Vol 17, Issue 2: Spring 2011

MTI Releases New Research Reports

Emergency Responders at accident scene If you’re involved with surface transportation, MTI research reports are a valuable resource to help planners, policy makers, transit administrators, and many others excel in their work. All MTI reports are available for free download from our site.

One of our most recently released reports, The Intersection of Urban Form and Mileage Fees: Findings from the Oregon Road User Fee Pilot Program, asks whether mileage fees and land-use planning are mutually supportive.

Another recent report, Getting Around When You’re Just Getting By: The Travel Behavior and Transportation Expenditures of Low-Income Adults, investigates how people manage their mobility when they have limited financial resources.

A third report, An Investigation into Constraints to Sustainable Vehicle Ownership: A Focus Group Study, asks what factors come into play when even self-identified environmentalists do not purchase more “earth-friendly” vehicles.

See the complete list of downloadable free research reports.