MTI Newsletter Vol 17, Issue 2: Spring 2011

From the Executive Director

Welcome to MTI’s new electronic newsletter. We hope this format will be easier on the environment and more convenient for you to read and use as a reference. One of the most important benefits is that we now are including links to our research documents, which you can download at no cost. Please feel free to pass this newsletter along to anyone who could use the research and the other information.

Welcome Trustee Julie Cunningham

Rarely does the MTI Board have a vacancy. But Jane Chmielinski was required, by her added international travel as AECOM President, to resign. We'll miss Jane's thoughtful involvement. After an extended review of over two dozen find candidates, Chair Don Camph and the Nominating Committee recommended and the Trustees unanimously approved the election of COMTO Executive Director Julie Cunningham to the Board. We look forward to Julie's typical dynamic involvement.

Farewell President Kassing and welcome to President Qayoumi

SJSU has been blessed with a sequence of fine presidents with Don Kassing the most dynamic and effective in recent history.  Don and Amy will return, after his third stint as president, to their home in Phoenix and an expanding group of grandchildren. They will be missed by MTI, the campus and the community.

President-elect Mohammad (Mo) Qayoumi helped birth MTI in the early 1990s as an Assistant VP at SJSU and has served with distinction as President of California State University East Bay more recently. Mo has already sent his regards.

Annual MTI Trustees Meeting and Graduation Banquet

MTI was founded by legislation in 1991 and hosted annual trustees' meetings and scholarship events every year since. Our 20th annual Board of Trustees meeting occurred on Saturday, June 25, from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM at the San Jose Diridon Station’s CalTrain conference room.  That evening the graduation celebration began at 5:30 and concluded at 9:00 PM at the SJSU Barrett Ballroom.

Mineta National Policy Summit on Transportation Finance

Hosted with the Commonwealth Club of California at their headquarters at Second and Market Streets in San Francisco, the Mineta National Policy Summit on Transportation Finance took place on Friday, June 24, and was keynoted by US Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Policy, Polly Trottenberg. The program panel was lead by MTI Chair Mort Downey with Dr. Asha Agrawal, MTI Trustees Steve Heminger and John Horsley, and Caltrain CEO Mike Scanlon.  View the complete program or Secretary Trottenberg’s presentation online. The videos will be distributed nationally for radio and TV.