MNTRC Newsletter Vol. 21, Issue 1: Summer 2014

Outstanding work gets results

Rod Diridon, Emeritus Executive Director

Rod Diridon, Sr.

Rod Diridon
Emeritus Executive Director

MNTRC has just been notified by US DOT that the contracting period within which the current federal and matching funds may be expended has been extended to January 31, 2017. By that time, MNTRC will have compiled a very enviable benchmark record for the University Transportation Center program.

Annual Report

Read our 2013 Annual Report

Since the Mineta National Transit Research Consortium (MNTRC) was established in January 2012, it has produced an impressive amount of work. The nine university members have collaborated to benefit the US, its transit services, and its riders. As a consortium, MNTRC has enjoyed a period of remarkable effort and unique success. The projects were selected after a national needs assessment with US DOT’s Federal Transit Administration, so they focus on current needs. The following is a “snapshot” of our successes using the MNTRC US Department of Transportation grant and matching funds.

MNTRC Research and Research Associates

  • Research projects begun: 72
  • Research published and publicized for use by the national transit community: 13
  • Research reports in peer review, editing or printing: 19
  • Research in progress to be completed in the next two years: 40
  • Faculty Research Associates under contract: 111
  • Student Research Assistants under contract: 164

MNTRC’s policy is that a research project is not completed until the product is peer reviewed, published, and is used by the transportation industry. Therefore, the following two-year outreach metrics are pivotally important.

MNTRC Outreach

  • Formal presentations at professional conferences: 46
  • Media interviews (not including repeat broadcasts): 132
  • Summits and forums presenting MNTRC research: 36
  • Attendance at MNTRC summits and forums: 3,845
  • K-12 outreach programs (e.g., Summer Transportation Institutes and others): 9
  • K-12 students attending MNTRC outreach programs: 367
  • Two-year MNTRC/MTI web site visits: 8,124,336
  • Two-year document downloads: 2,463,984

Note that this litany does not cover the continuing formal degree programs, which each university continues to present and in which the students number in the many thousands. Compliments and congratulations to every MNTRC Center director, staff, researcher, and student!

The MNTRC Annual Report is now available for download.