MNTRC Newsletter Vol. 20, Issue 3: Winter 2013

Seminar covers Las Vegas X-Train

Hualiang “Harry” Teng, PhD, Director, Railroad, High Speed Rail, and Transit Initiative

Summer camp attendees enteering museum.

Seminar attendees included faculty, plus graduate and undergraduate students.

UNLV News – On October 8, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, hosted a railroad engineering seminar, Managing Large Scale Civil Engineering Projects in a Dynamic World, Case Study: North Las Vegas Station Four Phase Build-Out Approach, from Temporary Trackage & Platforms to Permanent Rail Facility. The speaker was Michael A. Barron, Chief Executive Officer, Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc.

Ten people attended the seminar, including four undergraduate and four graduate students and two faculty members.

They learned that developing a passenger railroad service is a dynamic process that has both engineering and non-engineering factors influencing the progress. They also learned that the X-Train project will build its station in North Las Vegas through several phases. It is expected that the social and economic impact of the passenger train service would be tremendous to not only North Las Vegas, but also the whole region of southern Nevada.