UTC Project Information

2012 – 2016

Topic Project No.
Investigating the Determining Factors for Transit Travel Demand by Bus Mode in the U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas 1101
Analyzing the Effects of Transit Network Change in a Decentralized, Mid-Sized US Metropolitan Area on Transit Agency Performance and Transit Riders: A Case Study of Tallahassee, Florida 1102
Exercise Handbook: What Transportation Security and Emergency Preparedness Leaders Need to Know to Improve Emergency Preparedness 1103
Perceptions of Bicycle-Friendly Policy Impacts on Accessibility to Transit Services: The First and Last Mile Bridge 1104
California Voting and Suburbanization Patterns: Implications for Transit Policy 1105
Net Effects of Gas Price Changes on Transit Ridership in US Urban Areas 1106
Neighborhood Crime and Transit Station Access Mode Choice – Phase III of Neighborhood Crime and Travel Behavior 1107
Changes in Transit Use and Service and Associated Changes in Driving Near a New Light Rail Transit Line 1108
Active Travel Co-Benefits of Travel Demand Management Policies that Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1109
An Overview of System Design Issues Related To Safety Aspects of Bicycle Infrastructure 1125
Measuring the Performance of Livability Programs 1126
Assessing Importance and Satisfaction Judgments of Intermodal Work Commuters with Electronic Survey Methodology 1127
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year 3 of a National Survey 1128
Remedial Actions to Prevent Suicides and Accidental Death on Commuter and Metro Rail Systems 1129
Transit and Rail Security: A Critical Assessment of What Works 1130
Public Bikesharing in North America During a Period of Rapid Expansion: Understanding Business Models, Industry Trends, and User Impacts 1131
What Do Americans Think About Public Transit? A Review of the U.S. Survey Literature 1132
2012 Census of California Water Transit Services 1133
Assessing the Comparative Efficiency of Urban Mass Transit Systems in Ohio: Longitudinal Analysis 1135
Detroit Regional Transit Study: A Study of Factors that Enable and Inhibit Effective Regional Transit 1136
Remanufacturing, Repurposing, and Recycling of Post-Vehicle-Application Lithium-Ion Batteries 1137
Long-Term Trends in Patron Satisfaction of DC Circulator 1138
Evaluation of Bus Transit Reliability in the District of Columbia 1139
Understanding & Modeling Bus Transit Driver Availability 1140
Modeling Taxi Demand with GPS Data From Taxis and Transit 1141
Measuring the Benefits of Transit-Oriented Development 1142
Fatigue Evaluation of the Increased Weight Limit on Transit Railway Bridges 1143
Exploring Transportation, Employment, Housing, and Location Issues for New Jersey Veterans with Disability 1144
Transit Access and the Agglomeration of New Firms: A Case Study of Portland and Dallas 1145
Combustion Chemistry of Biodiesel for the Use in Urban Transport Buses: Experiment and Modeling 1146
Enhancing Transit Service in Rural Areas and Native American Tribal Communities: Potential Mechanisms to Improve Funding and Service 1147
Developing Seamless Connections in the Urban Transit Network: A Look Toward High-Speed Rail Interconnectivity 1148
Transportation Futures: Policy Scenarios for Achieving Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets 1149
Electrical and Thermal Modeling of a Large-Format Lithium Titanate Oxide Battery System 1150
Advanced Low-Floor Vehicle (ALFV) Specification Research 1151
The Purpose, Function, and Performance of Streetcar Transit in the Modern US City: A Multiple-Case-Study Investigation 1201
Bicycling and Access to Transit by Low-Income Immigrants 1202
Benefit-Cost Analysis for Transportation Planning and Public Policy: Towards Multimodal Demand Modeling 1203
Bicycle Safety and Bikesharing 1204
Sustainable and Green Access to Transit: Multimodal Service Area Modeling 1205
Comparing Data Quality and Cost From Three Modes of On-Board Transit Passenger Surveys 1206
Synergistic Integration of Transportation Demand Management Strategies (Land Use, Transit, and Auto Pricing) with New Technologies and Services (Battery Electric Vehicles and Dynamic Ridesharing) to Enhance Reductions in VMT and GHG 1207
Transit Performance Measures in California 1208
Promoting Intermodal Connectivity at California’s High-Speed Rail Stations 1209
Modal Shift and High-Speed Rail: A Review of the Current Literature 1223
Transportation Construction Work Zone Safety Impact on Time-related Incentive Contracting Projects 1224
Great East Japan Earthquake, JR East Mitigation Successes, and Lessons for California High-Speed Rail 1225
International Lessons for Promoting Transit Connections to High-Speed Rail Systems 1226
Automated Transit Networks (ATN): A Review of the State of the Industry and Prospects for the Future 1227
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year Four of a National Survey 1228
Building Consensus and Partnerships for Implementing MAP- 21’s Section 5310 Program in California 1229
Passenger Flows in Underground Railway Stations and Platforms 1230
Managerial Segmentation of Service Offerings in Work Commuting 1232
The US Transit Bus Manufacturing Industry 1234
Assessing the Efficiency of Mass Transit Systems in the United States 1235
Understanding Public Opinion Regarding Transit in Southeast Michigan 1236
Economic Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit in Southeast Michigan 1237
Remanufacturing, Repurposing, Recycling and Disposal of Public Transit Vehicle Batteries 1238
Development of Bus-Stop-Time (or Dwell Time) Models in Dense Urban Areas Using Automated Data: A Case Study in Washington DC 1239
The Nexus Between Infrastructure and Accessibility 1240
Performance Measures to Assess Efficiency and Resilience of Transit Systems 1242
Funding Resilient Infrastructure in New Jersey: Attitudes Following a Natural Disaster 1243
A Longitudinal Analysis of Cars, Transit, and Employment Outcomes 1244
Experimental Modeling of NOx and PM Generation from Combustion of Various Biodiesel Blends for Urban Transport Buses 1245
Estimating Uncertainty of Bus Arrival Times and Passenger Occupancies 1246
Safety of Lithium Nickel Cobalt Oxide Battery Packs in Transit Bus Applications 1247
Feasibility Study of a Public Bikesharing Program in Las Vegas 1248
Enhancing Walkability in Las Vegas 1249
Intermodal Bus and Bicycle Transportation in Southern Nevada 1250
University of Nevada Las Vegas Community Transit Services 1251
The Impact of Transit-Oriented Development on Social Capital 1252
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year Five of a National Survey 1328
Park and Ride Linkage to Public Transit Service Productivity 1401
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year 6 of a National Survey 1428
Transportation Data Trends and Best Practices for Caltrans, Division of Research, Innovation and System Information (DRISI) 1501
A Comparative Analysis of High Speed Rail Station Development into Destinations and/or Multi-use Facilities 1502
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Public Transit, Highways, and Local Streets and Roads? Results from Year Seven of a National Survey 1528