Research Associate Forms

The mission of the UTC program, and MTI, is to advance US technology and expertise in the many disciplines comprising transportation through the mechanisms of education, research and technology transfer at university-based centers of excellence. As part of fulfilling this mission, MTI selects research projects for funding based on the advice of the Research Associates Policy Oversight Committee (RAPOC), Caltrans and representatives of US DOT.

Research and Consulting Associate Certification

To apply for certification as a Research or Consulting Associate for the Mineta Transportation Institute, please complete the interactive application form. The form must be signed and accompanied by a current curriculum vitae or résumé, along with a sample of published research.

Please submit all materials electronically to Dr. Karen Philbrick, MTI Director of Research, at

Research Associate (RA) candidates are expected to have:

  1. Completed a Ph.D. in a field relevant to transportation policy research.
  2. Established a record of publication in the transportation policy field or a field with direct relevance to transportation policy research.
  3. Established a record of publications in peer-reviewed academic journals.

Consulting Associate (CA) candidates are expected to have:

  1. Completed a graduate degree in a field relevant to transportation policy research.
  2. Established a record of professional publication in the transportation policy field or a field with direct relevance to transportation policy research.
Interactive Research Associate Application Form
  • Interactive form may be completed, signed and submitted electronically from Adobe Acrobat (full version).
  • If Adobe Acrobat is unavailable, Adobe Reader can be used to complete and print the form, then sign, and submit by mail.
  • Must include curriculum vitae or résumé, and a copy of recent research from a juried or peer-reviewed publication.
  • Note: Signature required on all applications.
5 Research and Consulting Associate Bylaws
  • Submission of an application constitutes acceptance of these bylaws.

Project Management Forms

Report Requirements and Guidelines

Research Investigator’s Handbook
  • Identifies MTI project requirements, key deliverables and reporting responsibilities.
  • On-time performance and completion of grant requirements are monitored closely and factored into future funding decisions.
  • Except in rare cases, and with justifiable cause and professional pre-planning, no cost extensions will be granted.
Authors’ Guide to Preparing Research Reports for MTI 5 MTI Style Template for Authors (Microsoft Word Template)
  • For any team member preparing content for an MTI research report.
  • Authors’ Guide provides details of required elements and treatments, including figures, tables, documentation, and other key topics.
  • Includes resources and a checklist to aid in report preparation and submission.
  • Check periodically for updates and changes, especially before submitting a report.
  • Style Template for Microsoft Word contains preconfigured MTI styles and text samples for frequently used elements, including table of contents, numbered lists, bullet lists, table text and format, table and figure captions, endnotes, and other key elements.
Journal Publication Incentive Program
  • MTI supports the publication of MTI research in refereed journals. To encourage researchers to undertake the additional work required to have an article published, MTI provides an incentive award to authors of MTI research.

MTI Project Staffing Forms

MTI must have a valid contract on file for each PI, project team member, and student assistant. This requirement must be fulfilled before project-related work commences and for the processing of reimbursements, timesheets, and invoice detail sheets. Choose the appropriate set of forms below, and mail signed originals to Karen Philbrick, Director of Research, Mineta Transportation Institute, 210 N. 4th Street, Fourth Floor San Jose, CA 95112.

  Faculty Appointment Forms
  • Required for CSU employees.
  • Zipped file contains four required forms: Faculty Appointment Form, W‑4, I‑9, and Confidential Employee Sheet.
 Non-Academic Appointment Forms
  • Required for students attending a university in California.
Independent Contractor Agreement (Interactive Form)
  • Required for those employed outside the CSU system or students attending a University outside California (e.g., DOT employees, a student at a university in Colorado).
  • Administration of subcontracts, and all related paperwork, are the responsibility of the SJSU Foundation Office of Sponsored Programs, in conjunction with the contracting university or agency.

Payment and Reimbursement Forms

5 Monthly Status Report
  • Must be completed and submitted monthly for consideration of reimbursement requests. Ensures MTI-funded projects are progressing as planned.
  • Email completed form to Dr. Karen Philbrick, MTI Director of Research:
5 Invoice Detail Sheet
  • Required for payment or reimbursement of any team member, including principal investigators, project team members, student assistants, and editors.
  • May also be used to document services rendered.
  • To expedite processing, complete all sections carefully and submit via email to Karen Philbrick, Director of Research:
  • Please note that the principal investigator of the project must submit a monthly status report before payments to any team member can be processed.
1  Travel Authorization and Requisition
  • Required for reimbursement of travel on behalf of MTI projects. All requests are reviewed for accuracy and legitimacy of expenditures.
  • Must be accompanied by original, itemized, receipts.
  • Complete highlighted portions of the form and mail to Karen Philbrick, Director of Research:>
  • Unreimbursable expenses include, but are not limited to, alcohol, entertainment, movies, games, newspapers, magazines, travel agent booking fees, taxis if a car has been rented, laundry, or dry cleaning.
  • The standard mileage reimbursement rate is 53.5 cents per mile, effective January 1, 2017.
  • MTI reimburses only for flights on American carriers and for hotel expenses that do not exceed the per diem rate. Check per diem rates at:
5  MTI Timesheet Direct Deposit Enrollment
  • Required for payment of CSU employees and students. Non-CSU employees and independent contractors: Use the Invoice Detail Sheet.
  • MTI project number must be noted at the top of the sheet.
  • Submit to Karen Philbrick, Director of Research:
  • Timesheets are due on the 15th and last day of the month. Late timesheets will be processed the following pay period. If submitted more than one pay period late, timesheeets must be accompanied by a written explanation.
  • Paychecks are issued on or around the 10th and 26th of each month.
  • To have your paycheck deposited directly to your bank account, complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization form. Submit the signed original to: Human Resources, San José State University Research Foundation, 210 North 4th Street, Third Floor, San Jose, CA 95112.