Regional Transit Governance Seminar

March 31, 2015 San Francisco, CA

A regional transit governance seminar was held at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 31, 2015. It was sponsored by the Mineta Transportation Institute, Eno Center for Transportation, SPUR, and TransitCenter. The three-hour event offered insights, challenges, and workable solutions to the universal problem of coordinating regional transit when so many operators may overlay the same geographies.

At the event, transportation experts, transit operators, and public officials also presented the findings of two new reports: Getting to the Route of It: The Role of Governance in Regional Transit and Seamless Transit.

For Getting to the Route of It, the Eno Center for Transportation and TransitCenter studied transit systems in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Boston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and the New York City Tri-State area. While each region has its unique challenges, the research yields key themes and common lessons.