MSTM Program Learning Goals and Objectives

Mission: The MSTM program seeks to educate “mobility managers,” the next generation of multimodal transportation system leaders and executives.

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Goals Objectives

•  Develop a system-level and global perspective on the management of transportation organizations.

•  Students can demonstrate ability to analyze and discuss transportation management issues from a system-level perspective. 

•  Students can compare and evaluate transportation systems in an international context.

•  Develop an awareness of the transportation policy environment, including fiscal mechanisms, legislative structures, and intergovernmental coordination.

•  Students can identify and discuss key elements of the public transportation policy environment.

•  Develop potential for leadership in transportation organizations.

•  Students demonstrate knowledge of basic principles of organizational leadership.

•  Develop written communication skills and techniques.

•  Students can make effective written presentations concerning transportation management issues.

•  Develop ability to analyze management issues and situations using appropriate conceptual approaches.

•  Students can apply appropriate concepts to management situations and issues.

•  Develop basic understanding of commonly used information technology applications used by the transportation industry

•  Students can identify and understand purpose of key IT applications in the transportation industry

•  Students can assess usefulness of key IT applications for a given transportation agency or organization