News Releases 2016

MTI notifies the news media of all important developments for the institute.

Date Topic
12/7/16 Mineta Transportation Institute secures $10.5 million for transportation research, education, workforce development and technology transfer programs
12/6/16 San Jose’s “open streets” event succeeds at getting people out to bike and walk, independent study finds
11/30/16 How Can Transit Agencies 'Do More with Less'?
11/14/16 Safeguarding Our Most Valuable Asset – The Public Transportation Workforce
10/24/16 Solutions to Improve Battery Safety in Heavy Vehicles
10/19/16 What is the current state of the bus manufacturing industry in the US?
10/12/16 Does Living Near Transit Increase Social Capital?
9/19/16 International Podcar City Conference comes to Antwerp, Belgium
9/12/16 Solutions for Electric Vehicle Batteries at End-of-Life
9/7/16 Park-and-Ride Increases Bus Transit Efficiency
8/31/16 Transportation Agencies Prepare for Attack or Disaster
8/24/16 Biodiesel from the Right Sources Can Burn More Cleanly than Regular Diesel
8/15/16Improving Pathways to Transit for People with Disabilities
8/3/16 MTI Researches New Directions for Caltrans Modeling
6/28/16 Survey: Americans support higher gas taxes, spending revenue on public transit
6/13/16 Soft Targets are Especially Attractive to Terrorists Seeking High Body Counts
6/7/16 Preliminary Thoughts on the Role of Insiders in Attacks on Transportation Targets (by Brian Michael Jenkins and Bruce R. Butterworth, Mineta National Transportation Safety and Security Center)
5/31/16 Transit is a Terrorist Target (by Brian Michael Jenkins and Bruce R. Butterworth, Mineta National Transportation Safety and Security Center)
5/16/16 MTI Finds New Patterns in Transit Use and Access Among Low-Income Latino Immigrants
5/10/16 US High-Speed Rail Can Learn from Japan’s Successful Earthquake Early Warning System
5/2/16 MTI Researchers Assess Transit Performance Measures in California
4/25/16 Hundreds to convene in Mountain View to help Silicon Valley “Get Moving” for health, affordability
4/4/16Preventing Rail Suicides: Communities and Transit Organizations Come Together
3/28/16 New Research Suggests Transit Agencies Can Improve Customer Satisfaction with Currently Available Data
3/15/16 Is a 16-Mile HSR Tunnel Connecting Palmdale to Burbank Possible?
3/10/16 MTI Trustee and Executive Director to be Honored as “Women Who Move the Nation” at COMTO Awards Breakfast
3/7/16 Is bikesharing more dangerous than regular bicycling?
3/1/16 Will people pay for better infrastructure after a natural disaster?
2/18/16 City’s inaugural “open streets” event earns high marks from participants, independent survey finds
1/19/16 What are the possible impacts of high-speed rail service on equestrian areas?
1/7/16 US Secretary of Transportation (ret) Norman Mineta to receive lifetime achievement award in Washington DC on January 9