News Releases 2015

MTI notifies the news media of all important developments for the institute.

Date Topic
11/10/15 Which costs more for drivers – a fuel tax or a road user charge?
10/26/15International Podcar City Conference Returns to Silicon Valley
10/20/15Dynamic ridesharing services can make a big environmental impact
9/30/15 How does access to cars or transit influence one's economic outcomes?
9/8/15 How does neighborhood crime influence the way we access transit?
8/26/15The High-Speed Rail Attack in France: What are the security challenges for protecting rail systems?
8/18/15 How to Develop Bus-Stop Time Models in Dense Urban Areas
8/4/15 Mineta Report Summarizes 56 US Public Opinion Polls about Transit
7/28/15How to Have Intermodal Connectivity at US High-Speed Rail Stations
7/7/15 Mineta Report: Benefit-Cost Ratios of US Transit Systems Are Compiled and Evaluated
7/1/15 Mineta Transportation Institute Bestows Distinctive Honors at Its Annual Banquet
6/25/15 New Report: Will Americans support higher gas taxes? Yes—under certain conditions
6/16/15Jim Beall, California State Senator and Chair of Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, to address challenges of transportation infrastructure funding at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club, June 26
6/9/15Which passenger survey modes are most effective for larger transit agencies?
5/26/15Mineta Research: How underground urban rail systems can manage pedestrian traffic in aboutusincreasingly crowded stations
5/20/15New Mineta research says transit operators and managers may directly control bus ridership increases
5/19/15Regional Transit Governance Seminar Revealed Several Challenges, Opportunities for Coordination Among Various Operators
5/14/15 Mineta Transportation Institute experts available to discuss Amtrak crash and possible remedial action
5/12/15 Free research report examines travel behavior before and after LA Metro introduces new light-rail line
5/5/15 US High-Speed Rail Can Learn from Japan’s Successful Earthquake Early Warning System
4/29/15 Survey: Americans support higher gas taxes, spending revenue on public transit
4/28/15 Understanding Public Opinion Regarding Transit in Southeast Michigan
4/16/15 Are Rail Operators Responsible for Preventing Train Suicides?
4/6/15 New research on lithium titanate oxide batteries can help transit engineers design better energy storage systems
3/25/15 Troubling Trends Emerge in Terrorism and Attacks on Surface Transportation
3/5/15 Regional Transit Governance Seminar in San Francisco Will Focus on Bay Area – Tuesday, March 31
2/17/15 How Does Streetcar Performance Compare in Five US Cities? What Lessons Can Be Applied Elsewhere?
2/10/15 Transportation Secretary Foxx Discusses “Beyond Traffic” at the Mineta Transportation Institute