News Releases 2012

MTI notifies the news media of all important developments for the institute.

12/20/12 pdf Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to Keynote High-speed Rail Workshop, Sunday, January 13, TRB Conference, Washington DC
11/19/12 pdf Comprehensive High-speed Rail Workshop, Sunday, January 13, at annual TRB Conference, Washington DC
11/15/12 pdf Rod Diridon to Chair US HSR Advisory Board, Headline Rail Conference in Los Angeles
10/8/12 pdf UNLV Transit UTC Is Presenting Three Studies at the Fall Transportation Conference, Las Vegas, October 11-12
9/12/12 pdf Rod Diridon to Present at International “Podcar City Berlin 2012”
9/4/12 pdf Collaborative Funding Can Help Facilitate Airport Ground Access
8/13/12 pdf California High-Speed Rail and Why It’s Important for the Nation presented by Rod Diridon, Sr., August 15 podcast
7/18/12 pdf Bulgaria bus bombing underscores vulnerability of public transport, says Mineta Transportation Institute.
7/16/12 pdf What Is the Rationale for a Minimum Residential Street Width Requirement?
7/9/12 pdf Mineta Transportation Institute Publishes Report on Public Bikesharing in North America
7/6/12 pdf Free Report Details the Development Challenges of Small Airports in California
7/3/12 pdf Free Report Investigates How to Advance High-Speed Rail Policy in the US
6/28/12 pdf How Can On-Site Carsharing Have the Best Environment for Success?
6/21/12 pdf Would Americans Support Increased Taxes to Improve Highways, Streets, and Transit?
6/19/12 pdf Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty to Keynote MSTM Graduation, Saturday, June 23
6/12/12 pdf Highway Planners, Engineers Now Have a Model to Help with Incentive/Disincentive Calculations
6/7/12 pdf New research helps planners address California’s air quality and urban sprawl controls
5/31/12 pdf New Guide Shows How to Improve Bike Network Connectivity with Modest Changes
5/23/12 pdf Free Cost Estimate Model is Offered for Transportation Management Plans
5/17/12 pdf Cities Can Leverage a New Framework to Plan Traffic Routing in No-Notice Disasters
5/10/12 pdf Free Report Asks: Can Land “Value Capture” Help Fund Transit Projects?
5/3/12 pdf Mineta Transportation Institute's free report offers real-time crash risk assessment models
4/26/12 pdf An Examination of Women's Representation and Participation in Bicycle Advisory Committees in California
4/19/12 pdf Free report: How public education can help reduce vehicle emissions, fuel use
4/12/12 pdf How Can Cities Design and Manage Shared-Use Bus Priority Lanes on Congested Urban Streets?
4/10/12 pdf Analysis of 15 Failed Terrorist Plots Against Surface Transportation Provides Insight into Tactics, Weapons, and More?
4/10/12 pdf How Can We Make Bicycle Travel Less Stressful in the Urban Environment??
4/5/12 pdf Free Report Addresses Model-based Transportation Performance, Develops Common Framework
4/4/12 pdf Morada Middle School Wins Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Competition
3/22/12 pdf How Can Cities Reverse Urban Sprawl, Increase Transit Use, Reduce Emissions?
3/14/12 pdf How Can California Meet the Employment, Education, and Training Needs of High-Speed Rail?
3/7/12 pdf US Department of Transportation and China’s Ministry of Transport Conduct Disaster Assistance Conference
3/6/12 pdf Research finding: California high-speed rail can bring positive urban transformations if cities consider complementarities with other station cities and how to integrate their station in the region
3/1/12 pdf What have we learned from terrorist attacks on buses? Free report highlights 16 case studies in Israel.
2/27/12 pdf Mineta National Transit Research Consortium Now Operating Under $3.49 Million Grant from US Department of Transportation
2/22/12 pdf Study shows how to improve bicycle commuter safety; SF Bay Area, Portland OR are case studies
2/9/12 pdf How can communities effectively integrate pedestrians and bicycles to promote more non-motorized travel?
1/19/12 pdf Free report researches crime influence on travel mode choices; recommends ways to encourage alternatives to driving
1/10/12 pdf Atlanta-based study recommends methods to improve transit networks and increase rail and bus ridership
1/3/12 pdf Free report investigates best practices for Context-Sensitive Solutions policies to increase successful community involvement in transportation projects