Media Coverage: 2015

MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Media Outlet Topic
12/22/2015 SJSU Academic Spotlight Head of Mineta Transportation Institute receives national award
12/22/2015 Family Security Matters Freeway jihad-terror plot raises new worries in Southern California
12/22/2015 Hoy Autoridades han considerado el escenario de ataques terroristas a carreteras
12/22/2015 Fox News Alleged freeway terror plot raises new worries in Southern California
12/22/2015 Before It's News Freeway jihad-terror plot raises new worries in Southern California
12/22/2015 Stars and Stripes A freeway terrorist attack is the ‘nightmare we worry about’
12/22/2015 Courier-Tribune A freeway terrorist attack is the ‘nightmare we worry about’
12/22/2015 Hamodia In SoCal, a Freeway Terrorist Attack Is the ‘Nightmare We Worry About’
12/22/2015 Engineering News & Record U.S. High-Speed Rail Plans Include Private Role, Other Modes
12/21/2015 Los Angeles Times A freeway terror attack is the 'nightmare we worry about,' law enforcers say
12/21/2015 The Crime Report Potential Terror Attack On Freeway ‘A Nightmare That We Worry About’
12/21/2015 Las Vegas Talk Radio 790 A freeway terror attack is the 'nightmare we worry about,' law enforcers say
12/21/2015 Program Business San Bernardino Shooter and Friend Discussed Freeway Attack, Prompting Questions of Transportation-based Terror
12/15/2015 Will Philly's vintage trolleys survive?
12/13/2015 Route to the Future
12/12/2015 Parsippany NJ Daily Record Amtrak makes big plans for Northeast Corridor
12/12/2015 Democrat & Chronicle Amtrak will be able to reinvest in Northeast Corridor
12/11/2015 Hudson Valley Journal News New transportation law means more money for Amtrak's Northeast Corridor
12/07/2015 Pop Culture Lunch Box Taking Fewer Car Trips is the Best Thing You Can Do for the Environment
12/04/2015 Triple Pundit The Bay Area’s Transportation Potential and the Role Tech Companies Can Play
12/04/2015 SCV News High-Speed Rail Authority Prepares for Technical, Environmental Tests
12/03/2015 San Bernardino County Sun Northeast Valley residents still ballistic over bullet train routes
12/03/2015 Move New York Willing to Pay for Good Transportation Infrastructure
Date Media Outlet Topic
11/24/2015 Chuansong (Chinese) Wisdom of Smart Growth Planning
11/22/2015 Toledo Blade ISIS among us? FBI chief says group is in most states
11/21/2015 Los Angeles Times Islamic State presence in the U.S. is ‘the new normal,’ FBI director says
11/18/2015 KTVU Jenkins on terrorism implications (broadcast interview)
11/17/2015 WABE Radio Jenkins on terrorism and Paris (broadcast interview)
11/16/2015 The Columbian Congress seeks another extension on transportation bill
11/16/2015 Palm Beach Post Congress poised for rare success, dodges gas tax hike to pay for roads
11/16/2015 Eno Center for Transportation Mineta Transportation Institute: What is the Financial Impact of Switching from Fuel Taxes to a “Road User Charge”?
11/16/2015 KGO Ronn Owens Show Jenkins on Paris and terrorism (broadcast interview)
11/16/2015 KLIV Radio Jenkins on terrorism after Paris (broadcast interview)
11/16/2015 Washington Post Congress poised for rare success, dodges gas tax hike to pay for roads
11/16/2015 My Statesman Congress poised for rare success, dodges gas tax hike to pay for roads
11/13/2015 Passenger Transport Driving Purpose: U.S. Research: Streetcars Leverage Development, City Identity, Public Transit
11/12/2015 The RAND Blog Passing Judgment on Russian Plane Crash Before the Facts Are In
11/12/2015 NextCity What Detroit’s New Transit Authority Can Learn From Atlanta
11/12/2015 The Hill Passing judgment on Russian plane crash before the facts are in
11/11/2015 Equipment World's Better Roads Study: No ‘significant difference’ between cost of gas tax and RUC on California drivers
11/11/2015 MassTransit Magazine Which Costs More for Drivers -- A Fuel Tax of Road User Charge?
11/10/2015 Central Valley Business Times Which costs more for drivers – a fuel tax or a road user charge?
11/8/2015 MiBiz Entrepreneurs tap potential market for post-vehicle use of lithium-ion batteries
11/5/2015 Triple Pundit How We Got Into This Mess: A History of Bay Area Transportation
11/2/2015 State Smart Transportation Initiative Study finds dynamic ridesharing can boost TDM effectiveness
Date Media Outlet Topic
10/30/2015 CityLab The Poor Bike, the Rich Bike-Share
10/26/2015 Frontier Group Millennials and the Politics of Transportation
10/26/2015 Mass Transit Magazine International Podcar City Conference Returns to Silicon Valley
10/26/2015 Frontier Group Millennials and the Politics of Transportation
10/22/2015 Metro Magazine Ridesharing systems could cut greenhouse gases, study says
10/20/2015 Mass Transit Dynamic Ridesharing Services Can Make a Big Environmental Impact
10/14/2015 KLIV News Rod Diridon on train safety (broadcast interview)
10/14/2015 Urban Places and Spaces The future of riding on Metrorail: Part One, what some stakeholders said in last week's City Paper cover story
10/9/2015 Before It's News Platitudes Won’t Solve Metro’s Problems
10/9/2015 Washington City Paper How to Fix Metro
10/2/2015 Accounting Web Poll: 10-Cent Gas Tax Hike to Improve Roads OK with Most Americans
October 2015 Transit California 50 Years of Leadership
Date Media Outlet Topic
9/30/2015 Fox News NTSB calls for direct federal oversight of Metro
9/30/2015 Sioux City Journal Federal safety oversight recommended for DC subway system
9/30/2015 The Guardian Washington DC subway should be run by US government, investigators say
9/29/2015 Plan Philly Study suggests lower crime leads to less driving
9/28/2015 Marketplace Amtrak cracking down on baggage policy
9/28/2015 Monterey Herald Pizarro: Lincoln Law School to celebrate move, resurgence
9/28/2015 Time Magazine Amtrak Gets Stricter on Baggage, But is Still is Very, Very Generous
9/28/2015 HDIAC Explosive Threat Detection Technologies within Public Transportation
9/23/2015 Mass Transit CA: Audit: Bus Lanes Won't Have Dire Impact on El Camino Traffic
9/23/2015 San Jose Mercury News Audit: Bus lanes won't have dire impact on El Camino traffic
9/21/2015 Informed Infrastructure U.S. Transportation Deputy Secretary Mendez, Mayor Johnson Kick Off Nation-Wide Beyond Traffic Megaregion Forums
9/10/2015 Bethesda Magazine Montgomery County Planners Want Input on Tough Bicycling Spots
9/10/2015 Metropolitan Planning Council Talking Transit: Crime and Transportation
9/9/2015 Mass Transit How Does Neighborhood Crime Influence Transit Access?
9/9/2015 Buffalo News Letter: America needs to invest in public transportation
09/08/2015 KLIV Radio Chris Ferrell on neighborhood crime and transit use
9/6/2015 Public Works Most Americans Back 10-cent Gas Tax Hike According to New Poll
9/8/2015 KGO Radio Frances Edwards on transit safety and security (broadcast interview)
9/8/2015 The Daily Texan Austin B-cycle launches low-income membership program, builds new stations
9/3/2015 Tire Review Poll Says Americans Support 10-cent Increase in Gas Tax
9/3/2015 ITS International Most Americans would support higher gas taxes - under certain conditions
9/3/2015 Security Info Watch Sweeping security changes unlikely in wake of foiled train attack
9/2/2015 For Construction Pros Poll: 71% of Americans Support 10-Cent Gas Tax Hike
9/2/2015 Roads and Bridges Roads/Bridges: Poll says 71% of Americans would support 10-cent gas tax hike
9/2/2015 Washington Post Watch out for the Trump tax plan and get ready for a tough autumn, Washington
9/2/2015 Move Colorado Poll: Most Americans back 10-cent gas tax hike
9/1/2015 Seattle Sun-Times Poll: Americans OK with gas tax increase to improve infrastructure
9/1/2015  The Hill Poll: Most Americans back 10-cent gas tax hike
9/1/2015 National Sun Times Poll: Americans OK with gas tax increase to improve infrastructure
September 2015 Transit California How Does Neighborhood Crime Influence the Way We Access Transit? Mineta Report Updates Findings
Date Media Outlet Topic
8/28/2015 KGO Radio News Brian Jenkins on French HSR attack (broadcast interview)
8/28/2015 KLIV Radio Brian Jenkins on French HSR attack (broadcast interview)
8/28/2015 Market Urbanism Engineering in the Dark
8/27/2015 Eurail Magazine High-Speed Rail Attack in France: What Are the Security Challenges for Protecting Rail Systems?
8/27/2015 Progressive Railroading Nation's traffic congestion shows need for transportation infrastructure investment, APTA leader says
8/27/2015 Mass Transit Rail Attack in France: What Are the Security Challenges for Protecting Rail Systems?
8/27/2015 Mass Transit Research Results Show Promise for Advanced Bus Design
8/26/2015 Science Blog​ Unnecessary fuel waste + irrevocable delay = a price too high to pay
08/24/2015 KLIV Radio Earthquake Early Warning System
08/24/2015 KCBS Radio Earthquake Early Warning System
8/20/2015 Infrastructure USA ​The Benefits of Transit in the United States
8/20/2015 Planetizen Smart Planning for Economic Opportunity
8/18/2015 Global Urban Commons Mineta Transportation Institute: New Report summarizing transit polls
8/17/2015 RYOT As Toll Roads Expand, Freeways Risk Becoming a Passageway of the Privileged
8/16/2015 KGO Brian Copeland Brian Jenkins on transportation security (broadcast interview)
8/8/2015 KLIV Radio Brian Jenkins on French HSR attack (broadcast interview)
8/7/2015 The Urban Edge L.A. From Above; Public Housing on TV; and the Real Cost of Potholes: Urban Insights from Around the Web
8/6/2015 Infrastructure USA What Do Americans Think About Public Transit?
8/5/2015 Future of Transport Mineta publishes USA public opinion polls on transit
8/5/2015 Mass Transit Mineta Report Summarizes 56 US Public Opinion Polls about Transit
8/3/2015 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego car sharing to expand
August 2015 Transit California Mineta Offers Free Bus-Stop Time Models Report to Transit Operators and Planners
Date Media Outlet Topic
7/31/2015 Mass Transit CA: Report Recommends Methods to Facilitate Transit Ridership for Bicyclists
7/31/2015 Mass Transit MTI Releases Bikeshare Study
7/31/2015 Mass Transit How Does Streetcar Performance Compare in 5 Cities?
7/31/2015 Mass Transit Effects of Gas Prices on Transit Ridership Vary by Mode, in Combination with Price Ranges and Response Time
7/31/2015 Mass Transit CA: Free Report Reveals How to Develop Effective Regional Transit
7/31/2015 Mass Transit Mineta’s New Research Data Can Help Transit Agencies Prioritize, Schedule Railway Bridge Repairs and Rehab
7/31/2015 Mass Transit CA: Improved Model Helps Transit Agencies Predict More Accurate Staffing for Bus Routes
7/31/2015 Mass Transit How to Develop Bus-Stop Time Models in Dense Urban Areas
7/31/2015 Mass Transit Using Biodiesel in Urban Transit Buses Could Reduce Harmful Emissions
7/31/2015 Singtao News USA Transport Forum to Be Held (Chinese)
7/30/2014 KLIV Radio Norman Mineta speaks at San Jose Rotary (podcast)
7/30/2015 Mass Transit CA: Free Emergency Exercise Handbook for Transportation and Transit Agencies
7/27/2015 San Jose Mercury News Cupertino: City hosting a forum on alternative transportation
7/25/2015 World Journal Cupertino Transport Forum 5: Experts feel the pulse (Chinese)
庫比蒂諾交通論壇 5專家把脈
07/23/2015 City of Cupertino News Forum on Innovative Transit: New Models for Silicon Valley
7/23/2015; Clean Technica Report: Public Transit Systems Provide Significant, Varied Benefits
7/17/2015 Chatham Area Transport APTA: 75 Percent of Americans Support Using Tax Dollars to Improve the Country’s Public Transit
7/16/2015 Planetizen Study: Public Transit Provides Significant and Diverse Benefits
7/16/2015 Future of Transport US citizens support plans for improving country’s public transport infrastructure
7/15/2015 Mass Transit 75 Percent of Americans Support Using Taxes to Improve Transit
7/15/2015 APTA 75 Percent of Americans Support Using Tax Dollars to Improve the Country's Public Transit Infrastructure
7/14/2015 Rutgers Today Access to Public Transportation is Key for Returning Military Veterans with Disability in Achieving Reintegration Success
7/13/2015 Mississippi Students Win National Transportation Competition
7/10/2015 TI News Daily Benefits-cost ratio of U.S. transit analyzed in paper
7/9/2015 KTVU BART fire is another wake up call to fix transit infrastructure nationwide
7/8/2015 Mass Transit Benefit-Cost Ratios of U.S. Transit Systems Are Compiled and Evaluated
7/8/2015 Globe and Mail Where are all the female cyclists?
7/8/2015 The Globe and Mail (Canada) Where are all the female cyclists?
7/7/2015 Equipment World More than half of Americans say Congress should increase spending on roads and bridges
7/4/2015 Business Insider Why America should start making drivers pay per mile
7/3/2015 Infrastructure USA Results of a Six-Year Transportation Funding Survey
7/1/2015 CityLab 18 Reasons America Should Adopt a Per-Mile Driving Fee
7/1/2015 Slate Meet the Converted Smart Car That Thinks It’s a Train
7/1/2015 Wired A Smart Car on Train Tracks Won’t Fix Our Transit Woes
7/1/2015 TI News Daily Mineta Transportation Institute grants awards at annual banquet
7/2/2015 Mass Transit Mineta Transportation Institute Bestows Distinctive Honors
7/2015 Savannah CEO 75 Percent Of Americans Support Using Tax Dollars To Improve The Country's Public Transit Infrastructure
7/2015 Brasco International Public Transit Has Many Benefits, Here is [sic] Six
7/2015 Wallet Hub 2015’s Best & Worst Cities to Be a Driver
Date Media Outlet Topic
6/30/2015 MarketWatch Opinion: The science behind the Hyperloop is ‘done the wrong way’
6/30/2015 Energy Global Energy Global; Americans supporting higher gas taxes?
6/27/2015 Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco 2015 Mineta Transportation Institute Awards Banquet
6/26/2015 Mass Transit Report: Americans Will Support Higher Gas Taxes
6/26/2015 POST Online Media Americans support higher gas taxes to improve road maintenance
6/26/2015 Middle Georgia CEO New Report: Will Americans Support Higher Gas Taxes? Yes--Under Certain Conditions
6/26/2015 San Francisco Business Times BART general manager: “I’m proposing a $3 billion funding package” to board
6/25/2015 VTA News Atlas Academy Takes “V Double T Bus” to MTI’s Garrett Morgan Competition
6/25/2015 Central Valley Business Times Americans will support some higher gas taxes -- maybe
6/24/2015 Infrastructure USA Passenger Flows in Underground Railway Stations and Platforms
6/23/2015 Equipment World House Majority Leader on gas tax increase: ‘Let’s think of something else’
6/22/2015 Oye! Times (Toronto) America's Deteriorating Public Infrastructure
6/19/2015 SF Gate To take the wheel, robot cars must pry it from my cold dead hands
6/14/2015 Free Press Journal How green is my car?
6/10/2015 Mass Transit Mineta Analyzes Passenger Survey Options
6/10/2015 WDAM-TV Mississippi students win national transportation competition
6/4/2015 KQED Radio Investigation Reveals Rampant Airport Security Failures
6/2/2015 Greater Greater Washington Montgomery County aims to become a model cycling community
6/1/2015 City Observatory Urban residents aren’t abandoning buses; buses are abandoning them
6/1/2015 NBC-29 Harrisonburg Releases New Community Bicycle Map
6/1/2015 Price Tags Bike Sharing Hits Speed Bump
6/1/2015 KGO Radio High Speed Rail Could Be Complete Before 2028
6/1/2015 Capitol Bay Harrisonburg Debuts Community Bike Map
Date Media Outlet Topic
5/29/2015 Infrastructure USA The Great East Japan Earthquake: Lessons for California High-Speed Rail
5/28/2015 Vice News Bike Sharing Hits Speed Bump as Soaring Costs Force Some Cities to Shutter Programs
5/27/2015 Georgia Straight SkyTrain deaths examined
5/27/2015 The Century Foundation Magic (Disappearing) Bus
5/26/2015 Mass Transit Magazine How Underground Urban Rail Systems Can Manage Pedestrian Traffic
5/26/2015 Mass Transit How Underground Urban Rail Systems Can Manage Pedestrian Traffic
5/25/2015 Urban Land Toll Roads: A Problem or a Solution?
5/25/2015 About Money Eight Factors That Affect Bus Transit Ridership
5/24/2015 The Statesman (India) How green is your car?
5/21/2015 KDAL China 5/have edge in race to build California's bullet train
5/21/2015 Bethesda Magazine County Planners to Apply Bicycling Stress Test
5/21/2015 Mass Transit Operators, Managers May Directly Control Ridership Increases
5/20/2015 Mass Transit Regional Transit Governance Seminar Revealed Challenges, Opportunities
5/19/2015 The Cap Times Who's using those red BCycles?
5/18/2015 The Source New study looks at ridership on two Metro Rail lines
5/17/2015 Daily Journal Guntown students win transportation competition
5/13/2015 WISPIRG Foundation New Report Finds Drivers Pay Less Than Half the Cost of Roads
5/13/2015 Construction Drive Running on empty: Federal road construction fund set to expire
5/12/2015 Mass Transit Report Examines Travel Behavior Before and After LA Metro Light Rail Line
5/11/2015 SmartBlog on Finance Morningstar relatively bullish on Highway Trust Fund and road, bridge construction through 2024
5/11/2015 KRCR-TV Fortuna students are creating sustainable transportation
5/7/2015 The Century Foundation Public Seeks Transparency in Infrastructure Investment
5/6/2015 Doug Eadie & Company/YouTube Mineta Transportation Institute Executive Director Karen Philbrick describes the organization (video)
5/5/2015 For Construction Pros Poll: Americans Support 10-Cent Gas Tax Hike
5/4/2015 Mass Transit US High-Speed Rail Can Learn from Japan’s Successful Earthquake Early Warning System
5/1/2015 Equipment World's Better Roads Poll shows most voters would support gas tax hike for roadwork
Date Media Outlet Topic
4/30/2015 Metro Magazine Americans support gas tax hike, spending revenue on public transit, survey says
4/30/2015 Railway Bulletin Japanese to compete for Californian bullet train
4/30/2015 Mass Transit Survey: Americans Support Higher Gas Taxes, Transit
4/29/2015 Mass Transit RTAs Can Improve Chances for Public Support on Project Proposals, Funding
4/29/2015 Planetizen A Serious Shortcoming in Oregon's Road Usage Charge?
4/29/2015 National Sun Times Poll: Americans willing to accept 10 cent gas-tax hike, under these conditions
4/29/2015 Fleet News Daily When Americans Will Support Higher Gas Taxes
4/29/2015 The Hill Poll: Voters would support 10-cent gas tax hike
4/29/2015 Central Valley Business Times Survey: Americans support higher gasoline taxes
4/29/2015 Connecticut News Americans support higher gas taxes, spending revenue on public transit
4/28/2015 China Daily Japan, China may compete for California rail project
4/23/2015 Railway Bulletin Are rail operators responsible for preventing train suicides?
4/20/2015 MinnPost Why Streetcars Are Losing Their Appeal As A Mass Transit Option
4/17/2015 Mass Transit Are Rail Operators Responsible for Preventing Train Suicides?
4/17/2015 Boston Globe Hubway bike-share program returns amid growing popularity
4/13/2015 CBS Caltrain Spending $15M On Hand-Me-Down Rail Cars From Los Angeles’ Metrolink To Help Alleviate Crowding
4/7/2015 Fleet Owner Brushing up on Batteries
4/6/2015 Mass Transit Lithium Titanate Oxide Batteries Can Help Transit Engineers
April 2015 Transit California Gallery of Leaders: Rod Diridon, Sr.
April 2015 Transit California 50 Years of Leadership
April 2015 Transit California 50 Years of Leadership
Date Media Outlet Topic
3/30/2015 SF Gate 'Seamless’ Bay Area transit system proposed to attract new riders
3/26/2015 Mass Transit Troubling Trends Emerge in Terrorism and Attacks on Surface Transportation
3/25/2015 Silicon Valley Business Journal How to fix Silicon Valley's housing crunch: Increase regional power and stifle NIMBYs
3/22/2015 Salinas Californian Salinas transit on move
3/13/2015 Globe and Mail TransLink’s track record derailing Yes vote on transit plebiscite
3/12/2015 Greenville Online Editorial: Use rail bed effectively for public transit
3/5/2015 Infrastructure USA Streetcar Transit in the Modern U.S. City: A Multiple-Case-Study Investigation
3/3/2015 Trains Mineta Transportation Institute to host 2015 Joint Rail Conference
Date Media Outlet Topic
2/25/2015 Fierce Cities Curb your enthusiasm for streetcars as people movers, study recommends
2/25/2015 Business Facilities How Does Streetcar Performance Compare In Five U.S. Cities?
2/24/2015 KPCC How to make LA buses and subway a safer place (podcast)
02/20/2015 Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation Research: Low-Stress Bicycling and Network Connectivity
2/20/2015 Puget Sound Business Journal Public transit pays in numerous ways
2/20/2015 Epoch Times (Taiwan) Can the 400/I-285 interchange relieve traffic? (Chinese)
2/19/2015 Government Technology ‘Living Lab’ for Transit Innovation Opens in Santa Clara, Calif.
2/18/2015 Engineering News-Record California High-Speed Rail Proponents Plow Forward
2/17/2015 UIC E-News Transportation Secretary Foxx discusses “Beyond Traffic” at the Mineta Transportation Institute
2/15/2015 Los Angeles Times As high-speed rail gains momentum, U.S. can look to Europe's example
2/13/2015 Traffic Technology Today Foxx to go on ‘GROW AMERICA’ bus tour next week
2/13/2015 Atlanta NPR I-285/Ga. 400 Redo: Outdated Before The First Orange Barrel?
2/9/2015 Mass Transit Secretary Foxx Discusses 'Beyond Traffic' at MTI
2/5/2015 Mobility Lab Mobility Lab: 2 Down Sides to Low Gas Prices
2/3/2015 US DOT Blog Transportation Innovation Abounds in the Bay Area
February 2015 Transit California 50 Years of Leadership - Executive Reflections
Date Media Outlet Topic
1/29/2015 US News & World Report Detroit’s Road to Transit Ruin
1/29/2015 Lost Coast Outpost Humboldt Students Enticed Into Math and Science Careers
1/23/2015 The Week Will Low Gas Prices Hurt Mass Transit?
1/19/2015 ARTBA News Council of University Transportation Centers Honors Nine
1/16/2015 Better Roads CUTC honors 9 individuals for advancing transportation research
1/14/2015 Mass Transit Michael Townes Named National Transit Market Sector Leader for HNTB Corp.
1/11/2015 PolitiFact McCaul: Western Europeans can fly to U.S. without a visa
1/7/2015 KQED Public Radio Bullet Train Breaks Ground