Media Coverage: 2011

MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.


Date Media Outlet Topic
December 2011 National Transportation Security Center of Excellence Newsletter Protecting our Nation’s Critical Transportation Infrastructure – MTI NTSCOE: COOP/COG and Transportation Infrastructure Resiliency
Autumn 2011 In Transition Magazine For Transit Agencies, Terrorists Are Moving Targets
December 28, 2011 Gilroy Dispatch Judge: Slow down, bullet train authority
December 25, 2011
Pittsburgh (PA) Post-Gazette America needs high-speed rail
December 6, 2011 CBS San Francisco Weekend Fatalities Highlight Need For Train Track Safety Solutions
December 2, 2011 Passenger Transport U.S.-China Transportation Dialogue Forges Ahead; APTA Business Member Involvement Encouraged


Date Media Outlet Topic
November 24, 2011 San Francisco Examiner U.S. shopping malls to use your cell phone to track your every move
November 20, 2011 San Francisco Examiner California high-speed rail officials say effect of federal cuts will be minimal
November 16, 2011 San Jose Inside High-Speed Rail Could Skip South Bay
November 15, 2011 Modesto Bee Peninsulans still leery of high-speed rail
November 3, 2011 NPR: On Point Tracking California's High-Speed Rail
November 1, 2011 KCET What to Expect in the New High-Speed Rail Business Plan


Date Media Outlet Topic
October 28, 2011 Continuity Central Guide to transport sector business continuity planning published
October 13, 2011 Homeland 1 New guidelines to make bridges more truss-worthy
October 13, 2011 San Francisco Examiner Cost of California high-speed rail may surge
October 10, 2011 San Jose Mercury News Monuments not always best way to honor deceased
October 5, 2011 Smart Planet First mile, last mile: Plugging gaps in city commutes


Date Media Outlet Topic
September 27, 2011 PR Web Conscious Commuter Corporation to Present Panel “Solving the First and Last Mile Commute Problem” at Inaugural SXSW Eco Conference
September 26, 2011 BrightSurf Study Finds Congestion Pricing Better at Reducing Traffic When Linked With Land-Use Planning to Broaden Transportation Options
September 23, 2011 Rockford Register Star Long-term transportation must be priority
September 21, 2011 For Construction Pros Public Supports 10-cent Gas-Tax Increase if Revs Reduce Air Pollution
September 21, 2011 Research Sharebuilder Airlines fume; fliers face a higher 9/11 tax
September 21, 2011 San Jose Mercury News Roadshow: Raising the gas tax to fix potholes has supporters
September 9, 2011 Public Broadcasting Atlanta A decade after 9/11, airport security shifts focus
September 9, 2011 Marketwatch Post 9/11, MARTA Uses “Target Hardening” Initiatives to Counter Terror Threat
September 8, 2011 New York Times Al Qaeda’s Outsize Shadow
September 6, 2011 ABC News Travel in a post-9/11 world
September 2, 2011 San Jose Mercury News Caltrans goes on repaving binge across Bay Area


Date Media Outlet Topic
August 31, 2011 The Ripon Forum Is it Time to Consider a New Approach to Airline Security?
August 26, 2011 Passenger Transport MTI Releases Template for State Continuiity Plans
August 24, 2011 San Francisco Chronicle BART says closing stations keeps passengers safe
August 19, 2011 Drivers are willing to pay for better roads
August 16, 2011 KQED Forum BART, Cell Phones, and Cybersecurity
Audio interview with MTI Research Associate and instructor, Dan Goodrich)
August 11, 2011 Metro Magazine Report: Consensus crucial to rail ballot initiative success
August 10, 2011 Mass Transit High-Speed Rail Security Needs a Different Approach than Commuter Rail
August 8, 2011 Homeland Security Policy Institute Why We Need to Revamp How We Protect Our Rail System
August 4, 2011 ULTRANS Motivating Conformance with Land Use and Transportation Plans
August 4, 2011 Sina News The federal budget bill possibly affects California construction of high-speed rail
August 1, 2011 ABC News Plenty of uncertainty ahead with federal spending cuts


Date Media Outlet Topic
July 31, 2011 Democrat and Chronicle Infrastructure funding woes leave us on a rocky road
July 29, 2011 NBC High Speed Rail on Peninsula Slows Down
July 29, 2011 Fresno Bee Fresno State to help train security pros
July 25, 2011 YouTube Bay Area Regionalism Oral History: Rod Diridon (video)
July 22, 2011 AutoBlogGreen Survey: Consumers prefer gasoline vehicles, EVs come in dead last
July 21, 2011 Autos.Ca Gas still tops, hybrids gaining, study finds
July 20, 2011 New York Times Liberal Communities Join Libertarians in Firing at the Bullet Train
July 18, 2011 New York Times In State's High-Speed Rail Plan, Ambitions Collide With Financial Realities
July 17, 2011 Belmont Patch Survey Shows Gas-Powered Vehicles Still Preferred Nationwide
July 17, 2011 San Francisco Examiner If high-speed rail never happens, Transbay center will be a bus stop
July 13, 2011 Transportation for America Americans support higher gas taxes when they see tangible results
July 13, 2011 CBS News Peninsula High-Speed Rail Work Halted Over New Track Option
July 13, 2011 San Francisco Examiner Peninsula speed restrictions could push high-speed rail to San Francisco off fast pace
July 13, 2011 Earth Techling Gas Cars Still Preferred To Alternatives
July 12, 2011 EcoSeed U.S. Households still prefer gasoline-fueled cars - study
July 11, 2011 The Green Car Website Hybrids beat electric cars as top consumer choice
July 7, 2011 Environmental Protection Magazine Survey Says Consumers Still Prefer Gas-Powered Vehicles
July 8, 2011 Smart Grid Mineta Transportation Institute Survey: Gasoline Vehicles Still on Top; Hybrid Electrics Gaining Popularity
July 7, 2011 Automotive Discovery MTI Survey Reveal Alternative Fuel Vehicle Preferences
July 6, 2011 Hoy Motor ¿Qué coche de energía alternativa prefieres?
July 6, 2011 Fleet Owner Key to green trucks will be operational savings over time
July 5, 2011 IB Times Is tax the solution for greener transport? The Green Piece
July 5, 2011 National Journal - Transportation The Environmental Case for Transportation Investment
July 2, 2011 Reno Gazette Journal Amtrak train wreck reveals security weakness
July 1, 2011 Los Angeles Times Another tear in the airport security net


Date Media Outlet Topic
June 30, 2011 San Francisco Examiner Caltrain drivers know collisions are certainty, but they still leave mark
June 28, 2011 PolitiFact Sen. Frank Lautenberg Claim
June 28, 2011 The Infrastructurist How to Get People to Pay Higher Taxes
June 28, 2011 Satellite Spotlight Mineta Transportation Institute Releases Analysis of National Phone Survey About Transportation Funding
June 27, 2011 Trucking Info Survey Shows Americans Support Gas Tax Under Certain Conditions
June 26, 2011 Planetizen New Research: Do Americans Really Oppose Increasing The Gas Tax?
June 25, 2011 San Francisco Chronicle Transportation experts call for more investment
June 24, 2011 Green Car Congress Study finds that linking increased transportation tax to environmental or other specific benefits increases American’s support for higher transportation taxes
June 23, 2011 US Senate Documents Rail and Transit Security Needs Sustained Focus; Passengers Are Key
June 23, 2011 Homeland Security Today More Interagency Collaboration, Wider Grant Funding Required to Boost Mass Transit Security, Experts Say
June 23, 2011 Federal News Service See Something, Say Something, Do Something: Next Steps for Securing Rail and Transit
June 22, 2011 South China Morning Post China’s rail titans bid for U.S. high-speed project
June 17, 2011 Eco-driving: Ready for prime time?
June 16, 2011 Political Blotter Two Great Transportation Forums Coming Up
June 15, 2011 PolitiFact U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg claims rail targets have come under attack about 1,300 times since 2004, killing 4,000 people
June 2011 ITS Berkeley Eco Driving: Ready for prime time?


Date Media Outlet Topic
May 27, 2011 San Francisco Chronicle It's time to invest fully in high speed rail
May 26, 2011 Consider this: Terror rides the rails
May 18, 2011 San Francisco Chronicle The dynamics of gas price spikes
May 18, 2011 Blogspot Radio Code Red: Global Terrorism and Transportation Security after Osama bin Laden. Audio Interview with MTI Director of Transportation Security, Brian Michael Jenkins
May 16, 2011 Homeland Security Newswire How safe are US railroads?
May 16, 2011 Times of India Selective Screening Best
May 13, 2011 PR Newswire Disaster Recovery Experts List
May 11, 2011 Miller-McCune Terrorists Will Find Wrecking Railroads Really Hard
May 11, 2011 CNN’s In the Arena How Safe Are Trains from Terrorists?
May 11, 2011 Wall Street Journal Terror worries ride the rails
May 10, 2011 Metro Magazine Study evaluates delegated transit management
May 9, 2011 CQ Security News (via LexisNexis) Schumer “No Ride List” Might Inspire Policy Debate
May 3, 2011 KQED Forum Worldwide Reaction to Osama bin Laden's Death


Date Media Outlet Topic
April 27, 2011 New research explores cost bikes/transit integration
April 27, 2011 Metro Magazine Biking increases use, efficiency of transit
April 26, 2011 KFRC Radio (audio stream) Emergency preparedness from Mineta Transportation Institute
April 17, 2011 San Jose Mercury News Rio Dell school takes top honors in national competition
April 17, 2011 Times-Standard Rio Dell school takes top honors in national competition
April 13, 2011 Hispanic Business Elimination of US High-speed Rail Funds Endangers California's Project
April 12, 2011 Homeland Security Today Mineta Transportation Institute Wins DHS Science & Technology Impact Award
April 12, 2011 Poten & Partners Elimination of U.S. high-speed rail funds endangers California's project
April 12, 2011 CBS San Francisco Federal Budget Could Delay Bay Area Transit Projects
April 10, 2011 eTurboNews Terrorists' boots on the ground lead to travel fears
April 5, 2011 Earth Techling Green A Low Factor In Car Buying Decisions
April 4, 2011 Deseret News Rising gas prices will turn us all into environmentalists
April 3, 2011 St Petersburg (Fla.) Times Why we go slow on high-speed rail


Date Media Outlet Topic
March 26, 2011 Merced Sun-Star UC Merced hosts green energy trade conference
March 20, 2011 San Francisco Examiner Caltrain suicides difficult for agency to prevent, but measures under way
March 11, 2011 Tampa Bay Online Feds plan to give away rail funds; lawmakers still hopeful
March 11, 2011 Passenger Transport Mineta Report Examines Low-Income Rider
March 9, 2011 CyberPresse TGV: le courage politique, un ingrédient essentiel
March 9, 2011 Argent Canoe Un TGV au Canada serait rentable
March 9, 2011 CyberPresse TGV: Ottawa doit donner un signal clair
March 8, 2011 Journal Metro Le TGV cherche (encore) son élan au Québec
March 8, 2011 Fleet Owner Mileage fees vs. fuel taxes
March 4, 2011 Federal Transit Administration FTA Deputy Administrator Therese McMillan Receives Distinguished Alumni Award From UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design
March 1, 2011 UCLA Daily Bruin Faculty assess the opportunities presented by California’s planned high-speed rail system


Date Media Outlet Topic
February 23, 2011
Merced Sun-Star Agricultural activists blast Central Valley high-speed rail plan
February 22, 2011 Metro Magazine Study: Low-income adults worry about transportation costs
February 18, 2011 Toll Roads News Request for Research Proposals - Mineta Transportation Institute Fiscal Year 2011-12
February 17, 2011 San Jose Mercury News California high-speed rail could feel ripple from Florida
February 14, 2011 Emergency Management Should Emergency Managers Don Multiple Hats?
February 2011 OnBoard MSTM Student Martin Barna Wins Monthly HSR Ad Competition


Date Media Outlet Topic
Jan.-Feb. 2011 TR News Investing in the Transportation Leaders of Tomorrow (PDF 631K)
January 20, 2011 Tupelo Middle School News Sustainable Transportation Competition Winners
January 25, 2011 R&D Magazine Book: Use Private Money to Fix US Transportation
January 17, 2011 How Would MLK, Jesus or Che Plan?
January 14. 2011 San Jose Mercury News Mercury News editorial: Silicon Valley needs a seat on high speed rail board
January 12, 2011 Airport Business Mineta Transportation Institute Study Examines How Smart Growth Principles Can Be Applied Around Airports
January 12, 2011 Airport Business Mineta Transportation Institute Study Examines How Smart Growth Principles Can Be Applied Around Airports
January 7, 2011 Mountain View Online Diridon could be on track back to rail-authority board—with a big IF